Low Self Image? Don’t Measure Up?

Cliffs at Castlewood

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Why do some people have right self-esteem and others do not? Can I feel better about myself? What  are causes of low self-esteem? Disappointment with self? Displeasing others? Guilt? sin?

Secret: Self esteem comes from being responsible. If one is irresponsible — wasting time, has sinful behaviors or  unmet obligations we know how our conscience can make us feel — guilty. But without that guilty conscience, that warning light, that regret, would we be more likely to continue in irresponsibility? Sin always sends a bill.

If I need to confess something I begin there. Then I select a spiritual warfare, victory  verse and STAND on it. Out loud I say, “I claim, Philippians 4.13: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” “Jesus, You can give me victory over this sin, this habit.”

(a message by Adrian Rogers contributed to this)

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