Are Teens Leaving Home Without Clear Moral Guidelines?


Do many children grow up, leave home without a clear moral roadmap to guide them? Do they need more than parent’s worries and some vague ‘hope’? Are many parents hesitant to discuss purity and sticky relationship issues with teens? Preteens? Why? Where is the battle being lost? Why are many parents so quiet on this vital topic? Intimidated by some one?

Do the parents not have a crisp, specific, moral code themselves? Excited about it? We can’t take some one where we have never been. What are our moral behavioral standards? I saw a TV show where the divorced mom was trying to keep her high school daughter from sex while she was not abstaining herself. Typical? Hypocrisy is not very convincing.

“Kendrick, you are sixteen now and spending more time outside the home. Mom and I want you to have a copy of our family’s moral code, the Ten Commandments. Yes, it’s also posted in the kitchen. Yes, we have tried to discuss practical applications regularly at the dinner table, but now you are on your own, so to speak. You will be deciding whether to accept or reject God’s standards and your parent’s core values. Kendrick, welcome to temptation-land and adult-decision-time.”

“Jesus, give parents and youths more zeal to  openly discuss issues with loved ones.”

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