5 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 26


1. As a tree is totally dependent on its roots so the Christian is dependant on clinging to Jesus daily through Bible reading and talking to the Lord. (Jn 15.4-5). This is not optional. Making a good appearance is not the same as being in the Word daily. Ask and see where one is struggling spiritually. No one can survive eating on 1-2 meals weekly. The same is true with spiritual feedings.

2. Do not assume that bad habits and sins long forsaken can not return in a flash. Always be on guard. Keep your distance from them. Beware, expect some weak moments when the old desires pay a visit.

3. Repetition is the mother of learning.  Even good teachers review material too seldom. The Bible covers important teaching over and over. Human natures tend to forget.

4.  Choose Jesus, a clean lifestyle and clean friends and stick with it.

5. Make much of Jesus and He will make much of you.

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