5 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 25


1. Never  assume that any one is so pure that he does not need to be accountable to other human beings. I refer to accountants, CPAs, church bookkeepers, managers, estate attorneys, pastors, deacons, tip-top employees and presidents. People don’t do what we expect but what we inspect.  We all have sinful natures and weak moments. Have outside  auditors annually check the firm’s  books, for example. Set up some accountability plan.

2. Living simple affords more time to enjoy life. Dodge the pressure of heavy monthly payments, for example.

3. Traveling disrupts the daily routine. This can make having a personal Bible reading time more challenging. Extra discipline is needed. Make a plan..  

4. Don’t be naive. Assume that a Christian who is not reading his Bible is struggling. Seek to minister and encourage him or her! Be proactive.

5.  Get in the habit of talking about spiritual things. Bring godly talk into daily life. A good general conversation question can be: how is your Bible reading (or prayer time) coming this week? Is God showing you something interesting?

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