False Teaching Attacks God or His Son, Jesus Christ. Can You Identify It?






Satan hates God and has lies to attack Him and what He stands for. This is effective on those who do not know God’s Word.

  • False teachjing attacks God’s: existence, creative power, love for man, power, wisdom, timing, Jesus Christ’s deity, the authority of the Bible and more.
  • Humanism denies God’s creative power and existence.  Atheistic humanism glorifies man, man’s potential, technology, science and higher education.
  • The Jehovah’s Witness cult denies that Jesus Christ is deity, the eternal Son of God. They see Him as a superman that sort of worked His way up the ladder. They jerk Him out of the Trinity and reduce Him to human status.
  • Some view Jesus as merely a good man, prophet or great teacher. But if Jesus is not also the sinless Son of God we have no forgiveness for our sins. We are not saved. Our inner peace is stolen. We have lost our trip to heaven and eternal life. Who has supernatural power to answer our prayers?
  • Atheistic evolutionism claims that Creator  God does not even exist. By denying the supernatural God, angels, spirits and even demons are denied.  Does Darwinism really determine reality? Will a child trade her Savior who forgives sin and heaven for fairy tales and a plastic dinosaur?

 Can you identify false teaching when you hear it? Warm fuzzies and a couple of half-truths are enough to fool many today. Is one grounded in the basic, Bible doctrines?

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