Is Submission To Authority A Dirty Word Today?






 Societies have either submission to authority or chaos. Most companies and organizations have a chosen leader: director, supervisor, coach, president, CEO, captain or principal. God chose the husband to lead the family. But Satan is attacking marriages by challenging a husband’s leadership role. “Love, honor and (obey?)” has been removed from most marriage vows today. Why?

Submission is a dirty word today. Yet Jesus submitted to His Father’s will (Jn 6.38-40;17.18; Mt 6.39); Submission was established in the Garden (Gen 2.19-23). Adam named his wife.

Submission to authority is the drive train connecting God’s will and our obedience. A lost sinner must submit his will to be saved. True prayer is submitting to God’s will.  Husband, love her, sacrifice for her, so she will want to respect your decisions.

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