Bubble In College Education, Job Opportinities?


 My personal view sans statistics, is that we are entering a new world of employment. Less high paying jobs is likely. I offer these reasons.

  • Current college graduates far exceed opportunities
  • many degrees do not prepare grads for selective opportunities
  • the Big Box stores  are squeezing out small firms greatly reducing the number of lucrative management positions. Small businesses cannot compete in selection or price. Management decisions are now made not by a local manager but at a regional or corporate office far off. Local supervisors duties are more limited – store maintainance, sales and hiring.
  • Colleges have overhead to cover and dorm rooms to fill so they continue to sell the American dream – all ends well if you only have a college degree.
  • College degrees are not keeping pace with job hires excepting in selective skills like: teaching, nursing, computers, engineering and several others.
  • many current grads are taking jobs they are over-qualified.
  • Many workers are given only 30 hours a week jobs with no benefits.
  • The flow of illegal immigrants will  compete for the few existing jobs and they will work for less money. They have a lower standard of living and fewer bills to pay.

This is the time to think outside the box. I do not advise following the lemmings over the cliff into deep college loan debt and a useless degree. Options include: free or inexpensive online courses, technical schools, apprenticeships, waiting, changing fields.


“Our second Fall Current Term Enrollment Estimates report, and third report overall, shows a continuing downward trend in enrollments,” stated Dr. Doug Shapiro, Executive Research Director of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. “As the number of high school graduates declines and adults enter the workforce, we could see this trend continue, despite efforts to increase college access and attainment. These new data will help education practitioners to understand the effects that shifting  demographics and a changing economy have on students and institutions.” -studentclearinghouse.org



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