Did I Really Get Saved Or Was It Just A Passing Feeling?




Suppose that a young person,  Sandy, comes to Jesus. As warned the following morning the devil starts planting seeds of doubt about here decision. Was it just feelings she felt? Was there any reality to it?  Can we trust our salvation decision? Did we really receive eternal life?(Jn 3.16; 10.27-28). Is our name now written in the Book of Life up in heaven? (Rev 20.12). Are we really adopted into God’s family? (Eph 1.5). 

What can Sandy do to get past these doubts about her salvation?




Ask a few questions. Examine the decision.

  • Jesus trusted the Old Testament Scriptures as true. He used Deut 8.3 and 6.16 to defeat Satan’s attacks on Him! — see Matthew 4.4,7.  That is good enough for me.
  • One might ‘feel in the mood to be married, but until she makes a commitment at the wedding altar se is not married. Her feelings don’t make her married. Joe can ‘feel’ patriotic but until he officially joins, he is not a Marine.
  • One’s faith must be in God’s promises, not feelings not personal opinions. (Rom 10.13!).
  • If you truly invited Jesus Christ to come into your heart, did He come in? Got peace about your sins being forgiven? (That’s big!)
  • Did you trust Christ death alone to pay the penalty for all your sins? (Rom 5.6,8-9).
  • Do you believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God? (Jn 3.16; 1 Jn 5.11-13).
  •  Do you get a witness of the Holy Spirit that He now lives inside you? (Rom 8.16; Eph 4.30).
  • Like marriage, salvation does not mean that our feelings will always be on cloud nine – happy, happy, happy. We live in a fallen, evil world. In Acts Jesus’ disciples would preach and then at times be beaten or jailed. What were their feelings? “Feelings are one thing. Faith is another.” -D.L. Moody
  • Salvation is about a changed life. I know how conversion totally changed me!  Do you know any Christian who manifests this changed life? I know many.

“And this is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.” (1 Jn 2.25 NAS).

Jesus’ very name is Truth (Jn 14.6). Would God’s sinless Son lie to us?

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