Questions For Atheists On Suffering And Evil


Questions For Atheists About Suffering And Evil

Posted on May 3, 2014 by FredKerr

 If there is no God why even raise the name of God? Are you not complaining about a myth? Nonexistent person?

  • If there is no law-giving God there is no ultimate justice to look forward to – no hope of wrongs being righted. All is lost, hopeless under atheism. Are you being inconsistent and disloyal to your views to raise the issue? You accuse God of injustice yet want to maintain that He does not exist. Do you want  it both ways?
  •  According to the atheist template things just happen by chance. One atheist spoke to the effect that, life is just our “genes dancing.” Without a moral lawgiver there can be no suffering and evil. So why speak of suffering and injustice?

Christian thinker, Ravi Zacharias, makes an excellent point(s) regarding suffering and evil.

From Ravi’s helpful website,  ”If there is no God, the problems of evil and suffering are in no way solved, so where is the hope of redemption, or meaning for those who suffer?  Suffering is just as tragic, if not more so, without God because there is no hope of ultimate justice, or of the suffering being rendered meaningful or transcendent, redemptive or redeemable.  It might be true that there is no God to blame now, but neither is there a God to reach out to for strength, transcendent meaning, or comfort.  Why would we seek the alleviation of suffering without objective morality grounded in a God of justice?”  –

Alas, atheism has no answers. It offers no hope. It is blindness drifting towards nothingness.

Life without Jesus gets messy.  Jesus, God’s Son, offers  forgiveness, peace, joy and reasons to live! (Matt 11.28-30; Jn 10.10; 3.16).

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