7 Things Dad Never Told Me – Part 21

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1.  Some football coaches like the challenge of rebuilding  a losing team. The worse the organization the greater the upside!  Jesus came into a bad situation, a sinful, lost world. He was expecting to rebuild losers, sinners, from the inside out! He begins by giving sinners a new heart . . . supernaturally! (Ezek 36.26; Heb 8.10).

2. Home is the place to learn respect for authority. Hang out, hire, marry those who have it! Avoid rebels and the self-absorbed.

3. Watch out for friends who do not stand by their promises. Do their promises only last a short  time? Do their ‘commitments’ change with the weather? This is not the stuff long-term relationships are made of. Strong people make strong, durable decisions. Strong people who do not have peace about a decision, wait and pray until they do have peace. It may take many months or even years. Trust God. He is in no hurry.

4. If a fiance is not sure about getting married look at the positive side; better to find out before the marriage than  after the divorce. Be alert, discerning. Rise above gushy feelings. What gushes in, can gush out.

5. The Holy Spirit is not double minded. He will not whisper in the girl’s ear, “marry him.” And whisper to the guy, “do not get married.” That means no. Marriage is not to be, at least not at this time. Is one pushing too hard? Is flesh or God’s Spirit in control?

6. Godly, Spirit-filled friends protect our purity. The world, flesh and the devil do not.

7. Godly friends are as rare as diamonds. Ask God for one or two. Wholesome people stick together.


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