Humanism: The Pleasure Boat With No Destination, No Hope



  • Humanism is merely spray painted atheism.
  • Humanism is intellectualism’s way of denying God’s existence, power and love for fallen man.
  •  There is a death wish inherent in humanism.” Francis Schaeffer. It steals eternal life.
  •  Humanism is like a slick, used car salesman. It wants you to trade in your trip to heaven, forgiveness for sin, Savior’s peace and joy, abundant life now and receive in return receive only  empty promises, guilt, glitz, temporary good feelings, small pleasures and a shallow, anti-God mentality and an eternity without God. Humanism is a means of self-destruction,  eternal suicide.
  • It says, “just focus on the here an now. Forget about your sin, guilt, forgiveness and eternal future with Jesus.
  • The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” (Psa 14.1a NAS).


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