Which Religions Can Assure Me That I Am Really Going To Heaven?




There is good news! Yes we can. Here are a few key thoughts:

  • One task of the Holy Spirit is to give that deep heart assurance that the true Christian will arrive safely in heaven some day! (see Rom 8.16; Eph 1.13; 4.30; Jn 6.37; Tit 3.5)
  • Jesus Christ is the only one who has the supernatural Holy Spirit to give salvation assurance. (Jn 14.6; Ac 4.12). The Spirit indwells the believer then He gives that deep assurance.
  • The #1 job of any religion is to get one to heaven, eternal life, not death.
  • Other religions are based on various systems of human efforts or good deeds, rites. How could one be certain he has done enough good works to earn his way to heaven?
  • Jesus of Nazareth offers salvation as a free gift. Jesus died on the Cross to pay the penalty for our sins. A  sinner can receive this free gift any day he chooses to repent and trust Jesus.
  • By trusting Jesus’ death to pay for their sins, even those with other religious backgrounds can receive the gift of eternal life. Praise God!!

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3 Responses to Which Religions Can Assure Me That I Am Really Going To Heaven?

  1. fred kerr says:

    We will be worshiping God and reigning with Jesus. There will be more to do there than here, I believe1

  2. fred kerr says:

    In heaven we will rule and reign with Jesus. Heaven will surely be more exciting and diverse than here.

  3. Steven says:

    Once people get to heaven, what will they do?

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