5 Reasons Why Fornicating Is Losing: Avoiding The Skank Express

 “Life is hard,  but it can be a lot harder, if you do something stupid.” – John Wayne

1. Like racing an expensive sports car through  the woods is misusing one’s purity, modesty and virginity.  The Bible puts it this way: “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.” (Prov 11.22 NAS). What wise person plays catch with expensive jewelry in a mud hole?

2. “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” (1 Cor 6.19 NAS). A Christian was not created by God for lustful pleasures. but higher purpose.

3   “This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth, and says, “I have done no wrong.” (Prov 30.20 NAS). We note here that she sins and then denies it. She lies.  Other sins are used to cover up the initial evil. One sin leads to another.

4. Like alcohol, drugs, porn and gambling, fornication can also be addictive. It’s easier to begin than end. Why whet the appetite? Why open this Pandora’s Box? Fornication is a downward spiral, a slippery slope. One loses control; lust rules. Lust wants to pick one’s companions. The flesh is so good at sugar-coating its agenda.

5. The one running from God and godly living misses out on God’s blessings. The Prodigal Son of Luke 15 saw things go bad after he left his father, his source of blessing and provision. His wild living did him in. Then he came to the end of himself. He came to his senses. He returned to his father. This human father forgave His son’s sin after he left the far country of sin and returned home. The heavenly Father does likewise.

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