10 Things Moms Teach Youngsters – Part 7


1.   Don’t believe something that you are not proud of. Hollywood is proud of sin. We have something a lot better than that to shout about – something clean, wholesome, pure, godly, eternal. Let it out!

2. Peace, joy and laughter should permeate the godly Christian’s home like fresh scented roses. A non-Christian visitor should see the children under control,  quietly doing their homework or playing games. Gracious music may be heard and the homemaker preparing supper. Christian homes are not perfect but their should be a distinct difference. Jesus is in control.

3. Either stand up for solid core values or the world will tell you what to believe. 

4. Oil and water don’t mix. Neither do alcohol, drugs and purity. Choose or life chooses for you. Jesus must be everything or the flesh will rule. Spirit and flesh are fighting for control of you!

5. God says that sex is to be kept pure, holy, reserved for marriage. In some sinners’ eyes intimacy is a mere cheap, quick, flesh thrill.  Our flesh-feelings do not make godly decisions.

6. Bloom where you are planted. If God has not given you an important job to do, make the most of what you have. Do it as unto the Lord! A small garden can  produce outstanding tomatoes. Think top quality.

7. Most great works  for God begin small. Faith must grow.

8.   Really listening means picking up on the other’s feelings as well as words. They can be very different. You need to discern which to give priority.

9. Make your family glad when they see you. Splash joy all over!

10. Dad is the head of the home. Mother is the heart. (Eph 5.22-33; Prov 31).

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