Satan’s 5 Attacks On The Family

Why are half of the marriages this year going to end in divorce? Why do two-thirds of remarriages fail? How is Satan so effective? Where are many missing it? 

Attack #1: Distract Christians from  faithful Bible reading (Rom 10.17; Psa 119.9,11; 119 all verses). This cuts the gas line to the engine.

Attack #2: Separate parents and children from regular church involvement. This removes a vital source of encouragement, support, teaching, growth, prayer, love and joy. (1 Ptr 5.5-6; Eph 4). Without cleansing, germs and sickness take over.

Attack #3:  Undermine the husband’s authority. This leads to frustration, strife, even violence between husband and wife. (Eph 5.22-24). Rebelling against the captain of a ship is considered mutiny. 

Attack #4: Misplaced priorities; not separated from worldly people, harmful activities, excessive sports and entertainment (1 Jn 2.16-17; Mt 6.33). Jesus will mean everything or nothing.

Attack #5:  Parents too busy to really teach and disciple their children. (Matt 6.4; Deut 6.7).

Thus Satan’s attacks steal: Bible, church, husband’s authority (peace and close spousal relationship), clean friends and activities and child training.

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