If All Religions Were True . . . ?


If all religions in the world were true, the world would be like a three-legged chicken with five heads. – adapted from BBN message by Erwin Lutzer.

What is truth? Reality resolves issues. Right now some are struggling to believe that some truths are absolute . . .  unchanging . . . eternal. Satan has many confused. We live in the era of faddish “tolerance.” All is tolerance. It’s uncool to hold an opinion that is politically incorrect.

Some think that no one faith should even claim to be exclusive or the only way. (Jn 14.6). This really denies that absolute truth exists. This is an attack on the Bible and eternal, never-changing truth. This is spray painted atheism. It is rebellion against God coated with intellectualism.

“Authority is a dirty word today.” John R. W. Stott. Mockers mock. rebels rage. God’s followers bow and thank God for His blessings and salvation. This “tolerance to all” is the depth of unthankfulness to God for His daily provision! This “tolerance” purports to make man more loving than “intolerant” God. It implies that exclusive truth is some how unfair to others. Absolute truth exists objectively irregardless of man’s shifting opinions. Even in the natural realm, there are timeless truths;  five plus five always equals ten. The law of gravity applies  to all, regardless of one’s personal opinions about gravity. The sun always rises in the east, regardless of any dessenting views.

Eternal Bible truth offers new life in Jesus Christ. It  has been changing lives for centuries. Satan is attacking that. He wants to hide the light from lost, hurting people.

These “down-with-God-and-the-Bible”   enemies prefer a melting pot which compromises all religions all down to one.  That is not religious freedom but force-fed propaganda. Let’s expose it as such!

“If all the religions in the world were true, this world would be a cosmic mad house.” – unknown. Some call Christianity a western religion and others from the East. It is ludicrous to imagine that the western world was created by Jesus Christ and the eastern part was created by some one else.

Is Jesus God”? Creator? Just who was involved in creation? The Bible says:   “In the beginning was the Word, [Jesus Christ] ( Jn 1.14), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him [Jesus Christ] nothing came into being tha has come into being.” (Jn 1.1-3 NAS).

Whoever is Creator, landlord, gets to make the rules. “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own truth.” – Erwin Lutzer.



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