Dating Relationships: Setting Boundries


TLC’s  reality show this week, “19 Kids And Counting” (Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s show) touched on setting boundaries in relationships. Is this a good idea?Are they some advantages? Does one want spirit or flesh, the Lord or lust,  in control of big decisions?

1. If you do not control your life, some one else will. Do you want to be in charge? Are you inner directed or outer directed?

2. Social pressure, dating pressures are really others using you for their agendas. Is this what want? Setting contact boundries usually exposes one’s agenda. Do they want to get to know you better or just gratify their flesh?

3. Clean character wants clean mates. Determine your core values. Friends who cannot accept our core values cannot accept us. Better to know now. Be proactive, upfront!! find godly friends.

4. Setting boundaries early in a relationship communicates what’s important to you.  If you two are not compatible is it best to know upfront? Why waste time in a dead-end relationship?

5. Wise people drink upstream from the herd. Forget peer pressure of those controlled by their lust! Their lives are often falling apart. Cling to Jesus not misguided people.

6. Ask God to give you the courage to turn down relationships. Be strong. Be a leader.

7.   1 Tim 5.2 NAS states how to treat ladies: “The older women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters in all purity.” 

8. Where does one get the courage and faith to say no? Step One – ask Jesus to forgive your sin and save you. Step Two Feed. Get daily strength by reading God’s Word and talk with Jesus daily what is going on. 

“So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” (Rom 10.17 NAS).

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