I Went To Church But Saw No Change In My Life. Why?


Good question. There could be several reasons why it did not really make a difference.

  • if one does not know Jesus, he cannot expect to get into Jesus’ presence. God’s children get God’s spiritual blessings not the unsaved.
  • cold-hearted, not really interested in spiritual things as much as what the world offers
  • backslidden believer running from God
  • Spirit loves Spirit and flesh prefers fleshly activities. Until one receives the Holy Spirit the Bible says he will not appreciate spiritual things (1 Cor 2.14).
  • boring, dull, dead church where the Word is not being taught with power in the Spirit. Find a good teaching church.
  • quit too soon. Did not give God time to work.
  • got afraid of getting to close to God. – scared of making a commitment
  • distracted by a worldly friend

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