Evolutionists Stumped By Interview Question


I just watched one of the best creationist – evolutionists interviews I have ever seen! 38 minutes of campus talks asking evolutionists about their views. None had an answer for a key question underlying Darwinism.

Darwinism theory assumes that one kind of animal can become another kind.  This is crucial for evolutin to work. There is adaptation within a species but for a bird or dog to change into some other totally different kind of animal is unknown. No evolutionist could give a single example of one kind of animal becoming some different animal.  They were stumped  . . . . at times speechless.

Evolution is false teaching, a devilish myth attacking Creator God’s existance, forgiveness in His Son Jesus and the integrity of His Word, the Bible.

<Youtube Evolution Vs God    by the way of the master (Ray Comfort)


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