Mark And Kesha’s Love Story

Meet a neat young couple, Mark and Kesha. My wife and I recently went out to eat with them.  They just moved here to be on staff at our church and school. They are a bubbly, clean-cut, attractive couple. Mark and Kesha have been married three years and in their twenties. Mark formerly worked as an accountant. She is an accomplished musician. She teaches students various string instruments – violin, cello, viola, guitar, banjo, and harp.  I teased her by asking if she could play them all at the same time or only one?

Though Mark had been working as an accountant he now decided to do  internship at a church in the U.S. Would God have him go into the full time church ministry? While there another girl kept inviting Mark to group activities. There he also got to know Kesha. They developed a friendship.  Mark moved away after his internship was completed. Later the pastor of the church asked Mark to move back to teach a  Sunday school class. They had a secular job for him too. He did.

Mark and Kesha picked up where they left off in their friendship.  The two wanted to do it God’s way and bring the parents in on their budding relationship.  “Honor your father and your mother.” (Exod 20.12 NAS).

Mark went to see Kesha’s Dad to get his permission to spend time with Kisha. They talked for two hours or more. He was given Dad’s permission.

They wanted God’s choice for a mate. Parents have a great deal of wisdom and experience. If a big decision like marriage is of God then why would they not hear from God on it? The Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion. He will not whisper, “marry her,” in the couples ears and “don’t marry her” in the parents’ ears. Nor will He whisper “yes” in her ear and “no” in the guy’s ear. Some times God sees that a marriage will be a trainwreck and wants to prevent needless suffering and pain.  Do we trust God to do what is in our best interest?

Mark’s mom believed in dating long but not long  engagements. So they did that. After talking marriage one evening they were walking on the ocean front beach. Kesha asked if he has spoken to her father to get permission to ask her to marry him? Kisha was wanting to find out when he might propose. Mark secretly had the engagement ring in his pocket!

While they strolled on the beach Mark “discovered” a bottle buried in the sand. He asked her to open it and see what was inside. She was reluctant but agreed. She read the piece of paper inside: “Kisha Thomas,” will you marry me?” Then he dropped to his knees to offer her the ring. Bystanders picked up on what was going on. They cheered.

Kesha wanted a simple wedding. Today, three years later, they still seem like a very happy couple. How wonderful to go out for the evening and hear such interesting, true stories. They love to tell their story. How romantic. Don’t believe the lie that God’s people are missing out on the fun – the best things in life! Good things happen when we honor God and parents.

Both were saved at an early age. We can sense the blessings of being raised in godly homes. Parents have been around the block. Parents guided – helped them to get it right. It is not necessary to date every beef monkey or teen queen in town to find a mate. Wait on God. Let Him bring our mate to you.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matt 6.33 NAS).

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