My Bible Reading Seems Dry, Boring


I read my Bible but I don’t see much difference in my life. It does not excite me. What is wrong? Am I missing something? There is surely more to it than I am getting.

1. reading too quickly? Let each little nugget soak in slowly. Meditate on it.

2. For young Christians the gospel of John is a good place to start. Major in the New Testament. The Old Testament can come later though Psalms and Proverbs are always a blessing.

3. Unless one is truly converted they may not get much from the Bible. It is discerned spiritually (1 Cor 2.14). Flesh wants fleshly reading. Only the Spirit seeks out spiritual.

4. Getting a new or used copy of Warren Wiersbe’s THE BIBLE EXPOSITION COMMENTARY vol 1-2 on the NT can really open a passage up. He offers good observations and illustrations. Serious Christians need good study tools like this. Vol 1 is Matthew through Galatians; vol 2 is Ephesians through Revelation. Each used book can be bought probably for the price of a meal or two. It’s easily worth it. It is intended for laymen, average people. It’s easy reading. It’s nondenominational. It will help you.

5. backslidden – closed mind, hard heartedness loves flesh and sin. God’s Word convicts  sinners of sin. Some run from it. Pray for a breakthrough.

6. All Christians go through dry spells. Maybe God uses it to test our faith. Pray for a breakthrough.

7. Select another Bible book or subject that you are more interested in learning about.

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