Intolerance Or Timeless Truth?


I recently talked with a pleasant young man out in his front yard. He seemed to be around 30 and open to discussing spiritual things. “Aaron” seemed to believe what many in his age group do. He lacked appreciation for solid, unchanging, absolute truths. He sees all as relative and not nailed down.

Such a view brings some awkward, unrealistic consequences in real life situations – in nature, ethics and spiritually. For example does Aaron  not care if his wife is faithful to him absolutely? But one will say, that marriages do not always maintain this high moral standard of faithfulness. Spouses cheat. Exactly! The result is often trouble or divorce. This makes my point that remaining true to absolute faithfulness is wiser. 

And there are unchanging truths in nature. Can one change or outlaw the law of gravity by his “feelings” or personal opinions? No. The law of gravity exists objectively whether a man accepts it or not. Timeless, eternal truths have never been known for elbow room. Their absoluteness, their stability,  provide us with order, security and  peace.

The sun always rises in the east not southwest. We can count on 2 + 2 always equaling 4. not 7. Some might call this intolerance but God calls it truth. It’s  reality.Would you prefer stability or a God that kept changing the rules on us?

Servants submit. Rebels rebel.

“For I, the Lord, do not change . .  “(Mal 3.6 NAS).

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