Choosing A College: Students Seek Out Their Own Kind


Who should I hang out with?  How important is choosing college,  the right college? Does it often determine who I will marry? My core values and morals? My friends?

The largest generation so far is the 78 million strong millennials.They vary widely. They may share some common traits but differ in others. Here are two well known, lifestyle options.  Many are open to heavy drinking, cursing, fornication, gaming, wild partying, cheating worldly play toys, flesh driven, know-it-all attitudes, unthankful and disrespectful of holy God.  We typically find more of them enrolled at secular schools, IMO. They have less in common with believers and Christian high schools or colleges.

One survey found that many GenY are unchurched. (The Millennials, Rainer, 2011). Worldly GenY are not concerned that Christian values are often marginalized or mocked at secular schools.

 May I quickly add that I am well aware that many secular school  students do not approve of all of the  values listed above. I am generalizing, oversimplifying, giving the big picture. I am  saying that those who do live looser are more apt to be found in abundance at secular schools than at high standard, Christian institutions.

On the other hand millennials who prefer clean speech, modest dress, purity, honesty, clean lifestyles and respectfully worship and pray to God are more apt to congregate in abundance where their values are reinforced. They prefer a Christian school. Birds of a feather flock together.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companions of fools will suffer harm” (Prov 13.20 NAS).

It is common knowledge that some Christians do attend secular schools for various reasons. I did. And not all Christian school students have a godly lifestyle. But as I have been a student in both environments I have no doubt about the wide differences existing overall. One report says that three-fourths of students from Christian home lose their faith at secular colleges.

America has always been a mixed bag of values. People differ. Wise sheep know to avoid the wood and the wolves. Wise sheep stay in the middle of the flock protected by the Shepherd. This is not rocket science. Blue birds do not hang out with buzzards.

Choosing a college calls for much prayer and counsel. several important issues could be involved. Having earned two degrees from a large secular university and spent ten years ministering to students on large secular campuses I can speak as an insider.

Questions to pray about?:

1. If I want to live godly where are other godly people found?

2. Most people tend to marry those they spend time with. Do I want to spend time with the most godly friends I can find or is this not important to me?

3. Do I  really want God to choose my mate for me – Spirit or flesh? (Gen 24!).

4. Should such an important decision be made based on surface factors or one’s key character traits?

5. Am I certain that no Christian school any where offers the major I am interested in? ?Will I still let God make this big decision? (Less than 5 percent of college graduates eventually end up in the the field of their chosen major. So how important is it really?).

6. Am I currently demonstrating the self control needed to avoid temptations?

“Jesus, give your children real faith, wisdom and peace in making their decisions!”

“Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals.” (1 Cor 15.33 NAS).

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