Dealing With Foul Language


I think this is worth repeating. Driving down I-75 I saw a huge, full length sign on the side of  a tractor trailer going  in the opposite direction – ” JESUS CHRIST IS LORD – NOT A SWEAR WORD”

The trucker’s boldness and love for Jesus made an impression on me. How should we respond when sprayed with foul language, four letter words? Do you also sense social pressure not to respond even to the in-your-face vileness and filth from worldly people, fellow workers and society? Let’s continually ask God for gracious boldness to be witnesses.

some related  principles:

 *love the sinner but hate the sin

*salvation solves lots of issues; many do not know how to be saved

* gracious words have more impact

* let the Holy Spirit guide a reply. He can be so creative.

* sinners often act like sinners; give patience with truth

* a good relationship can lead to an open door to share

* if a sinner can curse, can we not assume equal right to respond?

 possible responses:

1. begin by asking for the Holy Spirit’s leading. “Jesus, how can I best minister to this person?”

2. “Joe, to talk about God that way, He must have really done something bad to you? May I ask, do you feel that He has let your down?”

3. silently disapprove by just walking away from the person; protect your ears

4. “Kendrick, we were created in the image of a pure, holy God. Our mouths do not have to be toilet bowls.  We do not have to throw mud on ourselves.”

5. “R.T, God gives peace”

6. “Hendrix, God cares about you. Do you know about His plan for your life? Like me to share it with you for a few moments?”

7. invite to a Christian activity or church. “Kelly, I’m going to a wonderul men’s Bible study, would you be my guest? It would be a blessing to you.”

8. “I used to cuss myself. Like to hear my story? Why I stopped?”

9.  Christian message wear – T-shirt, pin

10. start singing a godly song. They’ll get the point. “Ken, do you know this song? I know part of it. Help me out.”

11. “Linda, I appreciated the kind words you said the other day about your neighbor.”

12. Pray regularly for the person and for opportunity to share Jeuss.



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