Should Womens’ Magazines Use Curse Words?


Our local paper recently reported that Glamour magazine was testing the waters using curse words in print. Cosmopolitan has reportedly long preferred crudeness over good taste. I commend the many papers, radio and TV outlets for maintaining good taste standards, respecting their craft, their audiences, taking the high road. Why? 

  • We were created by a pure, holy God. Our mouths need not be toilet bowls.
  • The mouth is a window to the heart. It exposes what is there. Purity in tongue, heart and character often walk together.  
  • Godly ladies have long been a stabilizing backbone for our society. They protect not degrade moral values.
  • Men curse more than ladies. Wholesome girls with self-esteem do not want to chase after male vulgarity.
  • Many husbands prefer to come home to a wife does not use foul talk like the guys at work. Gentleness, tenderness, caring, purity have long been treasured. The world would demean ladies’ strengths: clean thoughts, inner beauty and purity.
  • Jesus Christ is our Creator – not a swear word.

 Ephesians 4.29 NIV, offers specificuidelines for our words: not be rotten, build up, apt for the occasion and impart grace. “Do not let unwholesome [rotten] talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

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