Truth And Love Are Not Competitors


I heard today about a well-known Christian writer. It is said that he spent the last 20 years of life in virtual estrangement from the rich fellowship of other believers – the Body of Christ. On paper he blessed many but his own soul was apparently parched and dry. What happened? He evidently majored in minors. Paul majored in majors.

“For I decided to concentrate only on Jesus Christ and  His death on the cross.” (1 Cor 2.2 NLT).

This modern day author was said to be engrained in his particular systematic theology that evidently others could not pass has standards for Christian fellowship. In the OT the Jews added hundreds of “laws” for the people to keep. How arrogant. This can squeeze the joy and spontaneity out of serving the Lord today. We are under grace.  Others are not obligated to accept my secondary, nonessential doctrinal views before I extend Christ’s love to them.

If God’s Spirit has placed His stamp of approval on a believer’s heart who am I to reject them? Let’s have the “mind of Christ.” The Christian’s airplane needs two wings – both truth and love.

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