Slutty behavior can attack many relationships


Throwing a rock in a pond causes ripples, disruption, waves, far beyond the stone itself. So it is with addictive sins like fornication (or porn, drugs, drunkenness, gambling). We do not sin in a vacuum. Sins potentially impacts our other relationships, inside the family and beyond. For instance:

  • fornication addiction or cohabiting can steal the precious childbearing years thus stealing future parent-child relationships.
  • skirt chasers may be AWOL, drunk on lust, when that special soul mate is available to wed.
  • God has a special plan for each believer’s life. Running from God is rejecting that wonderful plan and relationship with Him. . .  a major loss for the rebel.
  • slutty behavior often disappoints the family and hurts high minded, wholesome loved ones.
  • it also ruins one’s wholesome example to teens and children we know. The tramp, the lecher, are part of the problem influencing the younger generation into sin -poisoning their relationships, planting bad thoughts.
  • salvation is a person. Jesus IS salvation! To reject a relationship with Jesus is to run from His blessings, His protection. Sin brings pain. Unnecessary suffering and heartaches are the result of bad decisions.
  •  trampy, low down living keeps on giving. Joy and peace are replaced by guilt and low self esteem. This in turn can result in resentment and worse towards clean living friends and fellow workers.
  • worst of all, the unrepentant fornicator’s eternal relationship in heaven with Jesus will not happen (1 Cor 6.9-11; Heb 13.4).

Please repent. “Flee immorality.” (1 Cor 6.18 NAS). Come home to Jesus and peace and forgiveness. What a wonderful  year this could be! Your best yet.


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