Drugs will ‘deliver’ you


Drugs is the spouse’s other relationship, the other mate, the dearest sweetheart.

Like UPS and FedEx, drug stimulants also deliver. From working with addicts and users for years I forsee one of four addresses that drug use will deliver to: disease, detention (prison), death or deep, daily dependance on Jesus. His supernatural power is available for the best deliverance. 

Drugs is a fool’s game. Like quicksand, it is much easier to get into than out of. Drugs can steal everything one has: home, health, clear mind, common sense, self control, spouse, children, car, job, money, freedom, character, reputation, peace,  joy, victory, eternal life. It’s the biggest thief in town.

Alcohol, nicotine and weed are of course the kindergarten, the appetizers,  for the heavy drugs. They lower one’s defenses. Users then want more pop, a stronger kick. Initially one can take or leave stimulants. One’s guard is lowered. With drugs as with some other sins:  step one – sins tantalizes; step two, sin tugs; step three, sin traps.

Wine betrays the haughty man . . .” (Hab 2.5a NAS).

Pride or maybe denial, seem to play a big role in addiction. Initially Satan whispers, “Others have succumbed to addiction but you are different. You know to stop before it is too late. You have more self control than those others. You are like SUPERMAN!”

Drugs will make one a slave, a loser. It’s for suckers. My relative overdosed on prescription drugs after a long bout on coke. Sadly, she resisted the delivering gospel of Jesus. Jesus can lift burdens for those who will humbly kneel before the cross. It can be a long, winding, painful road for some to come to the end of themselves.

Another loved one was on heroin for eight years. He finally found victory at a full blown, Christian rehab center – Teen Challenge. They now have some 200 residence centers around the USA for men, women and teens. Their success rate is as high a 87 percent! Secular centers can run  under ten percent. Go to man, get what man has to offer. Go to God, get what God has to offer.

Jesus said: “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt 11.28 NAS).

Jesus can truly lift this burden. It may be immediate or He may take months to slowly impart a whole new lifestyle –  godly friends, clean habits and high minded thoughts and direction. Come home to Jesus. Salvation is a Person. Jesus IS deliverance. It’s very personal.


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