Clean Movie Recommendations

Welcome to “Andy Griffith” land – where old fashioned, family values rule!   Too often TV/movies said to be clean have disappointed us. 

“I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes” (Psa 101.3).

Concerned believers often take one of these positions towards movies/TV:

(A) Remove TV set and do more reading good books and family activities instead.

(B) TIGHT MOVIE SCREENING:   below are the  movies that meet our  high standards at TPPC. To make our list the film must be VERY CLEAN! – near perfect in language; no nudity, sexual or suggestive scenes; no inappropriate violence (war movies excepted), no excessive worldly themes. Usually we will not  recommend a secular film that has a character in the film is currently living in fornication or adultery. That’s a wicked role model.

Hollywood is  continually pushing the lie that fornication is normal, natural.  So countless films like Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail  would not be recommended here.  Be aware that even such movies like Parent Trap (II) with    Lindsay Lohan, promoting preteen drinking and gambling and  lying to parents -all nonchristian subthemes.

We like some films on the Hallmark Channel but offer these warnings.  In our opinion they now offer more and more films with couples currently or previously living together. Fornication is being treated as normal – natural as sunshine. Seldom are there characters just as boldly promoting traditional marriage. It is one sided. Such films are anti-christian and anti-marriage. And if there are churchmen they are usually Catholic. Where is equal time for Baptists and Protestants?

The family and children are also down graded by not a few Hallmark and others. Many  place the wife’s rights and career above homemaking, raising children and the husband’s role as provider. This  self-absorbed, “I come first,” is not the proper attitude for  healthy family relationships and nurturing.  We know that children need to be more than a secondary activity we do after getting home from work – tired out. Less is really more.

Further, because of the endless, boring, excessive use of booze, I wonder if most films are not subsidized by the liquor industry?

“And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them.” (Eph 5.11 NAS).

Usually our winners carry the industry rating of G or NR. We longer trust PG or PG-14 ratings; they often are not wholesome films due to language/fornication/titilation. Letters A-B rate the moral quality. Our 1-5 stars (******) relate to the  entertainment or edification value.

As of 5-2-12, films perceived to have strong titillation – keeping the hormones aroused in sensual expectation, receive a low moral rating also, even though no physical ludeness occurs.  The latest postings are added to the top not the bottom of the page.  This reduced moral rating impacts only films  listed nearer to the top of this page than  the WHAT IF film.

medodrama:” they exchange the laws of cause and effect for intensified sentiment and exaggerated emotions. This applies to many films. It can bug those with logical minds who see obvious facts and reality being ignored. Ex: Does falling in love remove serious character flaws and long term behaviors? Thus romantic love or bonding can be presented as a kind of secular “conversion” experience.

“Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. The one who does good is of God; the one who does evil has not seen God.” (3 Jn 11 NAS).

Our family TV utilizes the fine TV Guardian language filter! Therefore some foul words may be bleeped out and  we may not be aware that they were ever used.



THE LAST SIN EATER, PG-13, 2007, adapted from a Christian novel by Francine Rivers; Early Welch settlers to mountains in southern USA used a Gallic custom. One of their men was selected to be the “sin eater.” He would live alone, unmarried. When one of their community died he would mysteriously appear at the funeral and symbolically eat the sins of the deceased; a little girl’s desire to have her sins forgiven before her death precipitates a discovery; intense; mountain scenry; Morality ****; Spirituality ****; Titillation- none; engrossing more than entertainment in the light sense.

Discussion Q: Were those involved in killing dealt with properly? Biblically? How could the gospel message have been presented more clearly?

READING, WRITING AND ROMANCE  G Hallmark Channel; light romance; struggling actor takes substitute teacher position; how can faculty sidestep no dating policies?; Entertainment ****; Morality – OK; Spirituality -no; Titillation low

Discussion Q: Should teachers break school rules? Were these high school students “normal”? How long should a couple wait before becoming engaged?

SECOND CHANCES  G Hallmark Channel;   tender romance about a single mom/ 911 operator who rents a room to an injured fireman; Entertainment ***; Morals OK; Spiritual themes – missing; Titillation – none

Family discussion Q afterwards; At what points might prayer have been useful? No one professed Christ in the movie but I raise the Q theoretically. With a few exceptions how does having unmarried males and females living in the same house affect one’s witness for Christ with neighbors? 

NOTES FROM DAD; G, Hallmark Channel Father’s Day film; Eddie Cibrian (CSI-Miami) plays a high school music teacher who was irresponsible as a Father while his own son grew up. Can he now heal that relationship as well as mentor a talented music student in his class? The school principal is single, pretty, complete with attitude; Morality ***; Entertainment ***; Titillation – none

Discussion Q: What do we learn here about family responsibilites? Main message? What are a father’s responsibilities to his children? When should he decide about fathering commitment?

STRAWBERRY SUMMER, (2012 tv) clean light romance; a high schol teacher invites a world-famous country singer to do a conert at their small town, strawberry festival. He comes but with attitude and a secret; Will he show up for the concert?; Spirituality – ?; Morality – clean; Titillation – none; Entertainment ***

Discussion Q: How could Jesus have been woven into this film? What did the teacher do to hold things togeether when relationships were strained?

COYOTE COUNTY LOSER PG, 2009 DVD, A light romance; big city DJ visits small town; competes on small country radio station with contrary relationship advice with local girl DJ-advice giver; Morality ***; Spiritual principles -low: Titillation – low; Entertainment ****

Follow up discussion Q: When God is not the focus of a relationship what can take over? What role should God play in choosing a spouse? How and when should God enter in to relationship conversations?

JUST DESSERTS 2004, TV-PG, HALLMARK CHANNEL soft romance; can an Italian from the Bronx who got kicked out of chef academy for punching his instructor relate to an upscale restaurant lady chef?; Entertainment ***; Titillation low; Morality ****; Spiritual principles -low to missing; cooking buffs will really like this.

OCTOBER BABY PG-13, 2011 1 hr 44 min; Christian-oriented drama, a college freshman with issues finds out the truth about her birth; she sets out on a trip with friends to discover who she really is; John Schneider (Stars Wars fame) plays her Dad; Entertainment ****; Spirituality *; Morality ****; Titillation – low. As in similar movies wonderful opportunities to stop and pray and discuss the the needful Bible principle is missing.

Discussion Q: Where in her crises was personal or family prayer desperately needed? How could her Dad or her friend Jason have helped her more?


OVERCOME, PG 2008 1 HR 26 MIN; low key Christian film of rebellious teen boy who has accident; lots of sports, high school scenes; supposedly an allegory of Paul’s  conversion, it lacks serious Bible reading or direct teaching input, prayer, church scenes; lack of a conversion explanation seems to lack courage – hindering the power of Christ and repentance; Spirituality ***; Entertainment **** Titillation: medium high

Discussion Q: Should we believe something we are ashamed of? Are enemies of the Gospel bold today? Name some. Implications for Christians? Where could the salvation essentials have been worked in to the film? Were these lead actors Sunday Christians or heart Christians?

GIFTED HANDS appx 90 min, NR, DVD, Cuba Goodling Jr plays true story of Dr.Ben Carson, renowned brain surgeon; Carson overcame obstacles to become John Hopkins surgeon and change medicine forever; Morality ****; Spirituality **’ Entertainment ***** gripping especially if you like medical shows or self help, I can do it” themes.

Discussion Q: What Ben’s faith more in his mind or God? Where could prayer and faith and godly conversation been stronger?

SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY,   PG, 2011, 1 hr. 29 min, Based on the 1811 novel by Jane Austen; modern setting finds  well off sisters in hard times due to their father’s investment scheme; they must seek  lower paying jobs  to make ends meet; add in lies, romance and one sister’s scented lotion with healing powers; Morality ****; Entertainment ****; Titillation low–none

Discussion Q: What was the result of lying about one’s name to get the office job? How might prayer have eliminated certain issues? Why is trying to solve life issues without God difficult? What is missing?

BELLE AND THE BEAST: A CHRISTIAN ROMANCE PG, 2007, 1 HR 31 MIN, very enjoyable Christian film; Christian girl works for a  consultant that is bitter after his wife being killed; can Belle win him over?; Titillation: low to none; Spirituality ****; Entertainment ****

Discussion Q: Could Belle have done more to let Eric see Christ in her sooner? Which of Belle’s character traits stood out the most to Eric? What does it take to tolerate a bitter person’s daily insults and abuse?

THE SWEETER SIDE OF LIFE, G 2013, HALLMARK CHANNEL, Kathryn Morris, “Cold Case lead actress, unpacks her nice smile; dumped by a cheating husband and broke she works at Dad’s NJ bakery; light romance; Hallmark pursues their ongoing theme that the real contentment in life is found beyond the shallow, greedy, materialistic, downtown, corporate world . . the simple life is better, less is more; Morals ****; Entertainment ****; Spiritual Values *; Titillation – low

Discussion Q: What if any core values did she change? What changed her?

YOU’RE SO CUPID  G 1 hr 33 min, 2010: family, youth romance; think The Parent Trap movie theme with a touch of magic and high schoolers; twin girls try to get their separated parents back together; lacks humor;  behaviorally clean but lacks Bible principles; Entertainment ***;  Titillation: low

THE ENCOUNTER 2010 NR, Pureflix Entertainment production DVD, 85 min, Christian film for the family or seekers; strangers get marooned at a remote diner; the manager is a modern day Bible character who knows all about each of them; sparks fly. Spirituality *****; Entertainment ****   Excellent!; Titillation low to none

THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR 2008 G, Henry Winkler comes to visit his niece for Christmas and brings along a guy he meets on his flight; good family film, Christmas romance; Titillation – low; Entertainment ****; I discerned no biblical principles being taught.

Discussion Q: Where might Jesus have been included? What is the best Christmas gift fo all? Where might Christian principles been included? Where would prayer have been useful?

A HOLIDAY ENGAGEMENT  G  2007 Hallmark channel romance; a budding writer’s boyfriend dumps her and she hires a fellow to substitute at her parent’s gathering; Titillation: low; Morality ***; Entertainment ***

Discussion Q: What do we learn here about lying? How would you have advised her to handle her parents?

COME DANCE WITH ME  G  2012, warm romance; a business development loan executive takes dance lessons and then learns that his firm is financing the removal of  her dance studio; Titillation: low; Entertainment ****; Morality ****

Duscussion Q: What did you learn about lying? What is deception? How would you have handled his predicament?


CHRISTMAS SNOW  G  TBN family film; estranged loved ones learn to forgive each other; weak on apologies but makes a good point; severe consequences of heavy gambling portrayed clearly; Edification ****; Titillation – none; Entertainment ***

THE CHRISTMAS HEART  G  Hallmark channel family movie; high school athlete needs a heart transplant; his parents struggle with their faith in God; Titillation: none; Edification ***  Morality = clean

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS:  G, 2007, romance/family film;  a 10 year old boy wins a contest. His Christmas wish to for his widowed mother  to find a husband. Titillation: low; Morality: ****; Entertainment ***

Discussion Q: What is the relationship between being “in love” and core values in selecxting a mate? What biblical truths guide in finding a mate?

A BRIDE FOR CHRISTMAS,   G,  2012, Hallmark Channel; another feel good, love story – tis interest-holding film evidences that even mentioning “cohabiting” situations  is not necessary; a single stock broker’s poker buddies bet him that  he cannot  get a girl to agree to marry him before Christmas; Morality; Titillation low to moderate;

Discussion Q: What if anything did he do at the dog shelter to show his real character? To impress her? What factors should be considered in selecting a life time mate?

LUTHER 2003, PG-13, 2 hr 4 min. This historical film is recommended with reservations; interesting but like other Hollywood productions it strays from biblical facts (Hollywood is not the place to get one’s theology). There is no greater divide between Luther and the Reformation and the Roman Catholic Church than the issue of whether salvation is by faith plus church rites and works or is salvation but faith alone? The  20th Century Fox film ducked this vital  issue. (Once again liberalism seeks to commandeer established heroes, colleges and churches for its own purposes. Emphasis was placed on church corruption and the selling of indulgences but not on whether salvaion is received or achieved. Luther and Scripture maintain that a sinner can be saved freely by grace totally unrelated to any church’s rites or any human efforts. (Rom 3.24; 4.4-5; 6.23; Tit 3.5; Eph 2.8-9; Gal chapt 2 &3); Sir Peter Ustinov does a masteful job as Frederick the Wise; Edification **; Titillation – none; Entertainment **

12 WISHES OF CHRISTMAS PG 2011, ION NETWORK, feel good romance; Christian comedienne Chonda Pierce plays an angel trying to help an ad agency girl fix her life; confession and making bad deeds right is refreshing to see!; Titillation – none; Entertainment ***; Edification ****

MATCHMAKER SANTA, G 2012, Another lighthearted Hallmark Channel feel good holiday romance; a CEO is too busy to be attentive to his girl friend; stir slowly with Santa’s romantic meddling, beautiful scenery, small town setting, old flame and a bear; Entertainment ***; Titillation: none; Spirituality: none except the saying: “Truth isn’t always popular but it is always truth.”

Discussion Q: What importnat values do the Bible and Hollywood romance movies usually disagree regarding mate selection? Why?

THE WISHING TREE  G  2012, another Hallmark Channel feel good, family movie; a widowed English professor at a coed academy has opportunities and challenges; Entertainment ****; Titillation  low; Morality acceptable.  We liked it.

SECRETARIAT, feel good, family movie!; race horse owner has dementia and his wife dies; their married daughter living in California has to decide whether to return home to run the defunct horse business or sell it; horse lovers will especially like this; Entertainment ****; morality ***; Titillation – low. The Christian song, O Happy Day (“whenJesus washed my sins away”) is sung.

TREASURES OF THE SNOW, NR 1 HR 45 MIN 1983, inspired by the heart-felt book by Patricia St. John. 13-year old Lucien’s teasing contributes to younger Danny falling off an Alpine cliff; after rescue Lucien is a black sheep; excellent family/youth story dealing with resentment, unforgiveness!; offered in low key way; Spirituality ****; Titillation – none; Entertainment ***

IT HAPPENED ON 5TH AVENUE NR [G] 1 hr 56 min, 1947, Gale Storm, Charles Ruggles; something of any old family classic comedy(?); the wealthy resident of  a lavish 5th Ave mansion goes to Florida for Christmas; while gone the home is inhabited by a hobo; upon return the residents go along with hobo’s plan to pretend to be the rightful occupant; humor ensues; Entertainment ***; Titillation – none.

I MARRIED WHO? 2012, Hallmark Channel, light romance;  Kellie Martin has her pre-marriage, bachelorette party in Las Vegas. A nondrinker, she is given an alcoholic drink by mistake. She wakes up the next morning married to a movie star though untouched and asleep alone by herself on the sofa. Can she get this marriage annuled in time to please her fiance? Entertainment: ****; Titillation: low to none; Morality: *

Post movie discussion for teens: What good or bad decisions did she make? In real life how would one avoid getting into this mess? Evaluate her girl friends.

SECRET AT ARROW LAKE, NR, 1 hr. 23 MIN, 2009,  I have reservations about this film. I include it mainly as an example of what not to do in singles relationships. A college girl, Mia, has been raised by her single mother. Missing  Dad is a mystery. Mia promises her mother she will ask out the first boy that asks her. She does and the boy promptly tries to get her drunk and seduce her. Second date he attempts to assault her. Mia’s mother is killed and she is left to run their Bed & Breakfast; is  a B&B guest her long lost father?; too many visits to the road house, too much drinking for me; Entertainment ***; Edification – low; Titilation – low to none

Follow up Discussion Q: Was Mia’s mother wise in getting her to promise to go out with the first boy that asked her? What would have been another plan?  Besides Hollywood’s push to socialize in dark, worldly beer holes, what are other options? Name some godly support groups for high  minded singles? Does alcohol make clean headed thinking come easier?

BREAKING THE PRESS PG 2010, 1 hr 35 min – Christian family film; if you liked HOOSIERS or FACING THE GIANTS you may like this one; small town high school basketball team seeking success; a prodigal son with issues; titilation – moderate; entertainment ***; edification ****

COURAGE, NR, 2009 90 min, a family is shipwrecked in Alaska. With Dad injured, wife and daughter must meet the challenges from a rogue bear, etc; Morally clean *****; Titilation – none; Entertainment **; family movie; lots of nature scenry

THE PRIVILEGED PLANET, an apologetics documentary based in secular science on how unusual the circumstances are which make life as we know it possible on Earth. Some 20 different factors must all be present to sustain life here. These include the specific type of sun we have; distance from the sun; molten core of Earth, thin crust and theorized Teutonic plates which perform several life sustaining functions, etc. No other planets have been discovered which even approximate Earth. So far, Earth can be considered a unique, custom made environment designed by Creator God for us !

PUPPY LOVE 2012,  another Hallmark Channel, easy going, romance; Candice Camerson Bure (from Full House sitcom  years ago, she was “Didge”) she moves to a new town with her 9 year old daughter who is missing her friends; they adopt an animal shelter dog then a professional ball player comes to reclaim his dog; no  stress; no titilation; light romance, family and animal lovers fare.

THE CASE FOR CHRIST NR, 2007 1 HR 11 MIN; Lee Strobel, a former legal editor for Chicago Tribune and self-described atheist’s documentary on his search for Christ;  examines if Jesus really lived; reliability of NT documents, predictions about Christ; His resurrection.  Various experts are heard from. A+ apologetics documentary for thoughtful seekers, classes too.

FAMILY PLAN 2005 TV-PG, another easy going Hallmark Channel romance; a single business woman(Tori Spelling) needs a family to impress her boss; hires an actor to portray her husband (Jordan Bridges); Entertainment ***; Titilation – low

SMART COOKIES, G rated I think, light,  family Hallmark channel fare; a single, real estate saleslady backs into running a Girl Scout group, misadventures ensue; Morality -****; Titilation – no; Entertainment – ***

HOW TO FALL IN LOVE, NR  nice family, Hallmark Channel, chick flick; no heavy dramatics; a socially unskilled accountant-photographer hires a relationship coach; she happens to be a girl he had a crush on in high school;  Titilation level – low; Entertainment *****’ I really liked it!

THE CASE FOR FAITH NR. 1 hr, 19 min, 2007: Lee Strobel deals with two common place apologetics Q: Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? & If God is good and loving, why is there suffering and evil? Various Christian teachers are interviewed and Joni Erickson Tada. Edification *****; Titilation – none; Ideal for those seeking God and true reality!

THE GATHERING, NR, 56 min, 1998:  a fully Christian film; saved and unsaved discuss the end times at work, school and home; think the classic film A THIEF IN THE NIGHT; great for the family and unsaved friends; Spirituality *****; titilation – 0; Edification *****

SECOND GLANCE, NR, 1992, 50 min, A+, real winner! Christian film. A must for teens and singles! About a high school Christian who feels left out by the worldly students. An angel gives him a view of what he is missing; Morality *****; Titilation – low to none;  Edification – *****; Entertaining ****

UNIDENTIFIED, PG; UFOs hit some southern states. Reporters are sent to investigate. Are they aliens or is there another explanation?; Christian film; Morality – *****; Titilation: no; Entertainment: *****; This holds my attention. Invite the family and a nonchristian friend to join you!

MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, NR, 1 HR. 40 MIN. 1961, Three union soldiers escape from a Confederate prison camp in a big balloon.  They land on a deserted island and run into Captain Nemo. Can they all escape before the volcano destroys them? Morality: ***; Titilation – moderate; Entertainment: youth, family level -**

A SONG FROM THE HEART, INSP Channel  easy romance movie; Singer Amy Grant plays a blind cello teacher; she is faced with big lifestyle choices; is she accurately discerning her suitor’s character; Titilation level is low, no suggestive scenes or disrobing; Edification **; Morality ****

Discussion Q: In the Bible, lust hungry Samson pai a high price  for failing to properly discern Deliah’ s motives and  and deeper loyalties. How important to evaluate others’ values. How do you evaluate the piano player’s character? What values are most important to him? Did  the cello teacher’s initial character accessment of  him accurate? Why is it important to be able to evaluate other people’s character? Should we marry one we are thrilled by or one we share a compatible lifestyle with?  How do you judge a person’s trustworthiness, honesty, morals?

OPERATION CUPCAKE 2012, NR, Hallmark Channel; a message film about the struggles  a soldier and his family have after his lengthy absence from family; the wife and kids have “their lives” and Dad seems not to fit in; light drama; Morality: **** Titilation – moderate; Entertainment – **

Discussion Q: How might each family member have made this adjustment eassier? Was this film realistic about the adjustments facing military familie and others where a parent is gone much of the time? Was the husband/father properly respected in th4e home? How might a family Bible time have helped this family?

CANDLE IN THE DARK, NR, 1 HR 37 MIN, (1998), thoroughly Christian story of  English cobbler who served as missionary to India 40 yrs, William Carey; ideal for youngsters also; Carey went through great struggles early on; his wife and son died there; did tremendous work in opening up India through printing numerous books, starting many schools and key translation work; played a key role in having the Indian practice of sati outlawed – live wife put on funeral fire at husband’s funeral; Morality *****; Edification *****; Titilation – none; Entertainment Value ***

RING OF WATER,   G, 1969; think old fashioned, Disney-like, animal/nature  film; this English(?) film is about a beachcomber/writer and his pet otter; otters have dog-like behaviors like playing with dogs and crawling under bed covers; good, quiet, family, kids film; ideal for animal lovers; Entertainment ***; morality ***; Titillation – moderate

  THE KID, 2000, PG, 1 HR 41 MIN, self absorbed businessman, Bruce Willis, gets a wake up call when his 8 year old self is transported into his life abuptly; Walt Disney movie, light hearted, kept my attention; titilation-low; morality *****; entertaining ***

NOTES FROM THE HEART HEALER; a female writer gives advice and then has a stranger enter her life and challenge it; a meaty Hallmark Channel film for a change instead of  romance; makes a statement; holds the attention; titilation: none; Morality *****; Edifying ****

 KISS AT PINE LAKE, NR, 2012, another Hallmark Channel romance. Two summer camp sweethearts meet 15 years later under different circumstances. Titilation: low; Morality ****; Entertainment ****

THE APPOINTMENT, NR 39 min, 1991, an anti-God reporter gets a message from “the Lord” that she will die in 8 days. She goes through a number of experiences during these critical 8 days. Is the message real or a hoax? Very gripping story, ideal for Sunday school class to view and discuss; Evangelistic; very realistic dialogue; fully Christian in message and content; Edifying ****; no titilation; Morality *****

THE FANNY CROSBY STORY, NR 46 min. 2003, the Christian story of this great song writer. She met 22 U.S. Presidents, spoke to the U.S. Congress and wrote over 10,000 hymns.  born 75 mi from New York City, she was long married though used her well known maiden name in public; had a heart for the common man including railroad workers; popular speaker; Very good; Edifying, inspirational, clean, all ages can enjoy this story.

GOD OF WONDERS, 2008, NR, 1 hr 25 min; breath-taking pix of universe and nature; excellent for nonbelievers as well as believers; several Christian authors  and scholars “examine many aspects of the physical world, from the complex structure of  DNA,”  formation of water molecules  and nature to show a divine plan.” Theologian John Whitcomb, Ken Ham et al, comment. Morality *****; edification ******

WHAT IF? An obnoxious corporate executive is transported into another life by an angel; Moral ******; thoroughly Christian; Entertaining ****; you won’t regret seeing this one. Bring the whole family.

’19 KIDS AND COUNTING,’   – (TLC) The Learning Channel, a weekly program, not a movie; the daily lives of a real Christian family in Arkansas; Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger;   Michelle,  has 19 natural born kids, Jim Bob is her husband. The show is their lives: going to the zoo, bowling, shopping, playing their musical instruments; truly a family show!  Michelle moderates this and offers tips to parents; children should be encouraged to see this; Moral *****;  Entertaining ***

UNDERCOVER BRIDESMAID another easy going, Hallmark romance; Brooke Burn(?) goes undercover to guard a bride whose life has been threatened; Entertainment ****, clean except for excessive alcohol.

HUGO –  seems to be a foreign film about a gifted boy who lives inside a giant clock atop a Paris building. He hides from the police. Morality ******; Entertainment ***

TIME CHANGER, THIS IS A MUST SEE!  Excellent! Strong Christian film about a Bible school teacher involved in time travel! Interesting and edifying. Co-stars Gavin McLeod from Mary Tyler Moore fame. (2002, PG); Edifying ***** Morality, *****  Entertainment value ****

COURAGEOUS, Strong, Powerful! Good message, Christian, clean though some fights btw policemen and perps; Morals *****; Edification******. This a Must see. Consider for a church group or family viewing, popcorn and  discussion afterwards.

THE BOOK OF RUTH,  I missed the opening scenes but this seems like an earnest effort at dramatizing the Biblical story of Ruth! From Inspirational Channel; A main theme is the character traits of Ruth, Boaz and Naomi! Good as a premarital counseling tool/teen/singles view and discuss program! Possible discussion Q: Is dating or “mating” the better mate selection tool ? How important is character in a marriage? Morally clean though Boaz gets tipsy once ****; Edifying*****

A WALK IN THE PARK, another Hallmark Channel romance; I just saw some of it again; a dogwalker is mistaken for one of his wealthy customers; I think that it is clean; light hearted fare, *****; Entertaining****

CUPID, a new Hallmark movie about TV talk show hostess. Clean except for a few bad words. **** Morals;  ***Entertaining

 MUST SEE MOVIE – OUR 2011 MOVIE OF THE YEAR RECOMMENDATION IS . . . .THE GRACE CARD, 102 min. PG-13; griping, powerful message on forgiveness;moving ending; very clean; no bad sub-themes.

 A Taste of Romance, Another tender romance from the Hallmark channel.  A guy and gal open restaurants adjoining each other. Think competitiveness, tricks, romance; **** morally, just too much alcohol; entertaining, ****

The John Bunyan Story by Torchlighters, 30 min, animated,  This preacher was imprisioned in Egland for preaching the gospel. There 12 ears he wrote the most popular Christan ever. besides the Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress, excellent on courage and commitment under trials! Morals, excellent;  edifying ****

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry: PG 1 hr 36 min. 2008; The lives of three 12 yr old buddies; (Gavin MacLeod , Jansen Panettiere star) 1970s vintage story; Second to none movie!!  A must see; Family, Christian values! Morals A+; Entertainment value *****

 Where the Lilies Bloom: 1 hr 37 min; Julie Gholson as “Mary Call”; a 14 yr. old girl struggles to keep her family together when Dad dies. Set in Smoky Mountains; authentic mountain background music. Morals clean except for one four letter word repeated a few times; Entertainment value *** Amateur actors(?) add to the rustic flavor.

Mr. Bean series: This English comic offers a collection  from his TV shows plus movies like Mr. Bean Takes a Holiday plus others; family, comedy; this childlike batchelor gets into endless, self-inflicted predictaments.  During his visit to the dentist  his ineptness results in anesthetic needle being injected into the dentist  (ROFL); morals A; entertainment ****; try it with popcorn, invite the kids.

 Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em! Disc 1: Michael Crawford plays the accident-prone Frank Spencer. He is a well-meaning but bumbling husband. This slapstick sitcom from Britain is 1970s physical comedy. NR 2 hr. 12 min. 1973; morals A; entertainment  A-

Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof: this trilogy of movies was produced by a Southern Baptist church in Albany, Georgia. Christian theme dominates; A+ rating, (5 stars *****); family, fine spiritual content. Christian family movies don’t get much better than these. Actors are not professional but the story lines make up for it. Facing the Giants is my favorite – a high school football story. Excellent. Remember Hoosers? Same flavor.

Hidden Places: Hallmark movie (NR); romance, family values; a single mom in 1930s struggles with keeping family orchard afloat. Gabe, a hobo happens by.  Our  rating – A, ****.

Edge of the Garden: Hallmark; Rob Estes is a job-oriented executive whose fiancee has just left him. He buys an old rundown cottage in Maine. He is not alone in the house or garden. Romance,  A-   ***

Meet My Mom: Hallmark movie; single mom meets soldier; her son wants a Dad. A-. ***

The Wishing Well: Hallmark; Big city magazine executive ends up helpless in a small town. To survive she takes a come down job as local newspaper reporter; town has a magic wishing well.  romance; A, ****

Milltown Pride: Bob Jones University 2011 film; small town, amateur league, baseball theme; Christian, moral, social issues,  A, ***** fresh

Amazing Grace: this English(?) movie is the epic story of PM William Wilburforce’s effort to get slavery outlawed in the British Empire. Former slave ship captain turned John Newton is also in the movie; politics, romance; A,***

The Nanny Express: another romance from Hallmark; a nanny takes on the challenge of two children; A- ****

Anne of Green Gables: all kids and families can safely see this classic. Romance, A for morals; ***** Entertainment Value

Road to Avonlea vol. 1 Disc 1; NR, 45 min. 1990, Family; based on the works of Anne of Green Gables author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Morals A;  3.5 stars Entertainment value

Road to Avonlea vol. 1 Disc 2; NR,  4 episodes, 3 hrs. 5 min.: ‘The Story Girl Earns her name;” “Quarantine at Alexander Abrahams’s.” “Secrets and True Love,” “Old Lady Lloyd.” “Secrets and True Love has a notable theme – how even the best people can lie and suffer from it. Morals – A+; Entertainment value  **** I prefer Disc 2 episodes over Disc 1. If you liked Anne of Green Gables you will like this similar series. 

Though None Go With Me; Inspirational channel drama, romance, inspiration. A couple is separated by the Korean war ands life’s twists and turns. Lots of period cars and clothes. Morals: A; Entertainment ***

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