Occam’s Razor exposes evolution


It has been said that philosophy is the art of making simple things difficult. This blog is not about philosophy. I prefer to lift up Jesus, Biblical principles, applying godly truth and hopefully a dash of  common sense. Occam’s Razor reminds me of common sense. See what you think.

The term “Occam’s razor” was coined in 1852, attributing the principle to the 14th-century English logician, theologian and Franciscan friar Father William of Ockham (d’Okham), although the principle was known earlier.             – Wikopedia – .

 Occam’s Razor asserts that one should proceed to simpler theories until simplicity can be traded for greater explanatory power. I would put it, that the simplier explanation is more probable, other factors being equal.  If you hear hoof beats behind you, it is more likely a horse than a moose. Common sense reigns. Philosophers did not create common sense. Praise God.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein

In philosophy a ‘razor,’ any razor,  is a device to eliminate unlikely possibilities. Common sense to the rescue.

 Thus Occam’s Razor seems useful in exposing atheistic evolutionary theory. For example, if we observe a grand painting on wall of a museum we do not need to see the artist to believe that there is one. Likewise the fact that the universe and people exist should confirm that they, like the painting, had a creator. The odds that an orderly universe and human being came together by chance are billions to one against it. It defies common sense, logic. Occum’s Razor frowns on such long shots.

 Atheistic evolutionary theory is a very long shot, a desperation stab in the dark saying, “any thing but God.” The “odds” favor a supernatural explanation of creation. The creation account in the Bible is more plausible except for the anti-supernaturalists who deny God up front. Evidence is above a hardened skeptic. Such rebellion rejects not only God but the scientific method and logic. Such atheism is adrift in a sea of sophistry. Reality and God’s science are inseparable.

Ask your local, back yard skeptic if he saw a painting in a museum would he assume that there was an artist who painted it? Would he have to see the artist first to believe that he existed?  

Using the same logic the fact that we humans exist evidences that our “painter,” Creator God also exists. What you would it take to convince you that God and the Christian faith is valid? If one  rejects logic perhaps the real issue is not the lack of knowledge but his will. He will not.  Choices matter.  God will not force a mocker to go to heaven. If fact he would be out of place there. He would be surrounded by godly Christian music. Heaven is pure. There will be no: ungodly living, worldly music, cursing, liars, booze heads, druggies, fornication, porn or  immorality.

Then ask, “I know that you do not accept it but do you even understand one becomes a Christian?” Would you like me to explain it?

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