Cohabiting vs. marriage

Hi Reader, I awoke this morning at 4:50 AM. After a pit stop I could not drift back to sleep. This is a holiday but my body did not get the word. So here I am – blogging.  Right now I am reflecting  on my many blessings.

First, I am thankful for the grace and peace that I have since Jesus forgave my sins. Such peace must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Also I am so thankful for my godly, Christian wife of many years. She is a blessing in countless ways. She puts me first time and again. It is hard to keep up with her in this department though I try. She is a giver. She has a heart to serve like Rebekah in Genesis 24. I am thankful that I do not need to remain tentative about our relationship.

Real marriage has so many blessings that must be experienced to be appreciated. This includes the  small things like being thanked for washing the breakfast-lunch time dishes before my wife returns home. It means something to her for me to do that. And it makes me feel good.

Also on this holiday I am thankful for the Word of God which warns us, protects us, from  self-destructive decisions, shallow relationships and unnecessary suffering. Cohabiters have no idea how many, many blessings they are missing out on. Some blessings must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

I don’t understand why my wife must shop so often but this mall momma – shopper queen,  always finds her way home. I’m thankful for her.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” (Prov 18.22 NAS).

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