Can Secular Schools Undermine Faith?


 The Army and secular colleges make a strong Christian stronger and a weak   Christian weaker. -unknown.

Three fourths of students from Christian homes lose their faith at  a secular college. -Ed Blount.

Many students’ faith is undone in the philosophy, religion and science classes. Only the naive see this as an accident. Issues are raised and non-Biblical solutions offered. The Bible is not afraid of honest questions and biblically based discussions but this is not the case in the typical, secular “Atheist Recruiting School.”

Besides evolution’s lies thsi handful of questions echoes down through the decades as these captives turned atheists continue to spread these questions/issues that atheists assume God cannot answer. Watch out for them.

Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven? What about the sincere Hindu or Muslim?

If God is good why is there evil and suffering in the world?

Isn’t faith  in God just a psychological crutch?

Isn’t be Bible full of errors?

Aren’t all religions just different paths up the mountain to God?

Belief in God is opposed to science.

There is no hell. A loving God would not send any one there.

The most important truth is that every one must be treated “fairly.” Christianity discriminates.

Most of these atheistic evolution instructors are not familiar with the wonderful books explaining God and the Bible. EVIDENCE DEMANDS A VERDICT by Dr. Josh McDowell is a good place for a student to start reading.  <> is a good online resource!

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