Got Jesus’ Joy?


Joy is the key to a right attitude. Joylessness is sin. – Harold Vaughan.

Every part of an oak tree can be utilized – the trunk for lumber, limbs for firewood, the leaves for compost and saw dust for mulch. Every thing has a purpose. Nothing need be wasted. So it is in God’s economy – nothing is wasted. Suffering too, is not without purpose.  True, we often do not understand the reason for it even as Job did not. Yet God used it in Job’s life as in ours. There can be no accidents in God’s economy. If God is in control, and He is, even our sufferings have a heavenly purpose.

Trials will make one bitter or draw one closer to his maker. I get to choose which.

My mind can tell when my flesh is causing my soul to despair. Joy is a daily choice. –  unknown. “There are some 550 references to “joy” and “rejoicing” in the Bible. ” – Harold Vaughan.

In your home look for opportunities  to celebrate.  – Harold Vaughan. Got food on the table and clothes to wear? Be joyful!

Joy is the serious business of heaven. – C. S. Lewis.

Thanksgiving is good but thanks living is better – Matthew Henry.

(Messages by Evangelist Harold Vaughan contributed greatly to this.)

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