Is Worship Just a Blessed, High Moment or a Doorway?

Worship can be more than a brief blessing in the church service. Praise God for this but there is more fruit on the vine! Tender music can be a door way. It can open our tender feelings towards God.  Heartfelt, earnest YouTube comments to moving Christian songs reflect this.

Worship draws us nearer to Jesus – into another world – beyond ourselves. It is a deeper way of relating to God. I think of it as entering the “holy of holies” in some sense – God’s presence.

Worship is beyond confessing sin or asking for things. We now focus on Him! Whether in our prayer closet or in the congregation worship is very personal. It is two people sharing their hearts in a deep way. This should be serious, heady stuff. We have an audience with the King! It is more than a quick, spiritual buzz, a momentary high. I have to work at staying focused.

The Greek word for worship is “proskuneo” – “to kiss the hand, in token of reverence, also by kneeling or prostration to do homage.”

“O come, let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the God our maker.” (Psa 95.6).

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