Should Older Seniors Remain At Home Alone?

 WHERE TO LIVE? – SAFETY VS. FREEDOM?:  While most of our body’s pistons are still working, where to live often means choosing between personal safety and personal freedom. One can maximize saftey, choosing to live where others can care for them. Or one can maximize freedom and mostly live alone.

 Key Questions: 

1.  Am I OK with dying unattended in the middle of my kitchen floor? My personal answer is “Yes.” I prefer to maximize freedom and if I get to heaven a bit sooner, so much the better. However as I love people if I got an offer to go live in some one’s home and my wife was gone I would consider it carefully.

2. Can one live alone without it being a real emotional drain on the family? Many children are OK with aging parents living alone.

As long as one is still able to function alone he/she may want to continue on at home.  A senior may do well to graciously try to explain their choice to the children.

Death is not the end of life for the saved person. It is only the beginning.  In this world, death is normal, natural. Relax.

The Christian should die differently than the one headed to hell. And the saved senior might add, “Jesus has paid for my sins. I am ready to go to heaven any time. Bring it on! When I die, don’t moan over me. I have not lost any thing here. Heaven is better than a free trip to Hawaii. Let her rip!”

 The old coal miner evangelist, Billy Bray, was being examined by his doctor. The physician said, “Billy, you are going to die.” Billy replied, “Praise God. I shall soon be with Jesus! And doctor, shall I tell Him that you are coming too?” Live with Jesus, die with joy.

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