An Atheist Approached Me

An avowed atheist recently replied to a letter to the editor I wrote. We have exchanged several candid but cordial emails since. Several comments  about sharing Jesus with atheists/evolutionists/antisupernaturalists:

1. We each unsuccessfully tried to undermine the other’s faith by pointing real or perceived weaknesses – a typical step 1.

2. Atheists seem to flip flop between  vigorously blaming God for the ills of the world and  denying He exists. They want it both ways. One senses that they are in an all out battle with God – rebels  hiding behind intellectualism or scoffing.

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Psa 14.1). There is a big difference between a five year old not understanding all his father does and in totally rejecting his father.

3. These antisupernaturalists often raise the predictable “problems with God” from Prof. Hot Shot’s, secular “Philosophy/Religion class 101” ( e.g, Why do the innocent suffer?/ Is Jesus the only way to God?/ Are  all religions just different paths up the mountain to God?) (see Exod 20. 3; Job chpt. 38-41; Rom 1.18-20; 9.13-21; Isaiah 40.27-31).

4. How do I distinguish between the God seeker and the scoffer? The seeker usually listens as you answer his questions. The seeker is curious about God or at least open. While the debater does not listen or pursue your reply to his question.

5.  If they seek you out they are usually on a “mission” just as Christian evangelists are. His heart would not seem to be as tender as an atheist who is admittedly struggling or going through a family crisis. 

6.  Atheists may  pride themselves on being elitists IMO. These naturalists falsely pride themselves on being more objective and scientific oriented than faith believers. Yet their background seems to often be more one sided,  skewed,  biased. Ask them to name creationism/ Christian apologetics books that they have read as evidence that they are open minded,  balanced. They may ignore the question.

7. I asked my fellow emailer, “If I gave you a Bible answer for all  your questions, would you then be ready to give your life to Jesus Christ? If the answer is ‘no,’ then it seems that more information is not the need. You WILL not. The key is your will.” Here as well, I perceive that he was not truly seeking God. Endless, dead end, religious conversations are not my objective.

8.  Twice I emailed this atheist that “I know what I used to be! Jesus changed my life.”  No nonbeliever can refute what we know to be real –  our own  changed life through Christ!” Proclaim it!

9. I closed by telling him that I was there for him if he wanted to talk later and that I cared!

” For the invisible things of him  from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”(Rom 1.20).

Therefore I believe that they know deep down that God exists but are running from Him.

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