“Technology is God” Humanism Has Failed Us

 The United States has 486 prisoners per 100,000 of population, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. New Zealand has the second highest prison population per capita amongst developed countries, with 169 prisoners per 100,000.  Why is our incarceration rate over 250 percent higher than the nearest developed nation? Why have our renown technology, higher education and scientific discoveries, not had more impact? 

And, sadly the divorce courts, drug rehab centers, and rescue centers seem full. Have we been led down the rosy path? Cold, impersonal technology is no substitute for a personal God who saves. Schooling does not make one moral. But it might make him a more skillful computer scammer or credit card thief.

 “Technology replaces God” humanism has been a train wreck. We’re missing our moral compass. A family friend lost her law firm job. She refused to be “creative” in billing clients. Slick, white collar thieves also need Jesus. 

 The antiGod Supreme Court kicked prayer and Bible reading out of our public schools. No one has a better answer. We are increasingly reaping the bitter fruit of rejecting God. America is so ungrateful for God’s blessings.


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