11 Ways to be Lonely, Bored, Unfulfilled

 “I’m feeling down, alone, unfulfilled. Life is dull. My job is boring. I hate to go to work. No close friends. Nobody really cares. Life is no fun. I want to escape it. I see no relief. At least sin dulls my hurt or offers a temporary escape from the pain.”

 Is this some one you know? Here are some possible reasons. Accurate diagnosis can be three fourths of the answer.

1.  Cosmic Homesickness:  soldiers and missionaries away from loved ones get homesick. It’s normal. The Christian was created for close fellowship with God. We have been estranged from Him since Adam fell in the Garden.  God removed Adam from that close Garden fellowship (Gen 3.8,23,24). Some more than others feel that something is missing inside. At best we live in a fallen world with flawed, damaged emotions, mind and will.  Without having been there we can long for heavenly fellowship, that oneness with our Creator.  For now tell “Dr. Jesus” all about your feelings aloud. (Matt 11.28-30; Jn 16.7).

 Receiving Jesus’ Spirit inside us on our salvation day is the down payment of better things to come in heaven. (Eph 1.13,18; 1 Ptr 1.4-5; Rom 8.18-24).  “even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body.” (Rom 8.23). We long for release.

 The unsaved person was also created in the image of God. He can sense in his conscience and spirit that all is not right – that something is amiss. Call it what you will. We feel incomplete, unfulfilled because we are. Tell  Jesus all about it.

2.  Lack Purpose:  nothing to live for, no one to life for. Singles can feel this; not serving Jesus. (Jn 10.10).

3. Rushaholic-Workaholic:  life is like congested, rush hour traffic; lack the time, skills or appreciation to develop enriching relationships. Of course life gets dull.  Bad habits can enter. (Matt 6.24-34; Isa 26.3; Phil 4.13).

4.  Addicted to Lust: Lust driven relationships can be one dimensional, incompatible, boring, lonely, unfulfilling. Fornication and adultery are deep sin traps. We can also lust after materials possessions, drugs, pleasure, laziness, money, success. Lust is self centered – not a good basis for marriage.  Lust takes. Love gives. (Heb 13.4; 1 Cor 6.9-20; Phil 4.13). 

5. Backslidden: the Christian running from God is also running from his exciting, primary calling in life. Is there fulfillment any where in the universe outside the will of God? (Matt 6.33).

6.  Desert island dweller: insular; preoccupied with pets, gardening, golf or whatever; relationships are shallow, fleeting or absent; doesn’t make time for people and serving Jesus’ Body. This can be a way to escape if one has been hurt in the past. We can  stay busy so we do not have to face the pain or loneliness. I’ve been there. (Psa 37.1-9; Isa 26.3; Rom 8.32; 1 Ptr. 5.7).

7. Unfriendly, Distant, Detached, Unloving: it’s still true,  to have friends, be friendly. I sometimes need to push myself to do it! At times I imagine that I am friendlier than I really am. Christian, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with love, joy and power each morning! (Eph 5.18; Neh 8.10).

8. Lack Appreciation for Repeated fillings of Holy Spirit: “And the disciples were [continually] filled with joy, and with the Holy Spirit.” (Act 13.52). Joy and filling must be sought!  More teaching and seeking is needed on this.  I ask for His filling daily! I personally know how much this means to me! It’s vital.

 9. Idle Sheep Dog:  the Christian was made to serve – even given one or more spiritual gifts to serve the Body of Christ with. Without this involvement we are like the idle sheep dog.  He lives to herd sheep and misses it when he cannot. How could there not be: wondering, uneasiness, boredom, discontentment, trival pursuits? As I get older it seems easier to allow trivialities to crowd out ministry opportunity. Let’s not stop before the finish line. (Mk 16.15; Act 1.8; Eph 4).

10. “It’s all about me” mind set: some naively think that the Christian life is  an emotional high, a feel good club. No so. (Acts ; 1 Peter; Phil 2.10; Jm 1.2-4). Is there joy? Yes! Escapism from a needy world? No.

11 . Unsaved: to be fully alive one needs not only mind and soul but the spiritual pipeline to be connected – God’s Spirit. This happens at conversion. The Holy Spirit supernaturally enters our body on that day (Jn 16.7-15; Eph 1.13; 1 Cor 3.16; Rom 8.9-16). 

Until I got saved I had no idea that I was missing out on that whole river of Christian conversation and supernatural, Spirit-enriched friendships! Wow. Unsaved folks are only two thirds alive. How could the lost soul, estranged from his maker, not be lonely?

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