Job Hassles, Temptations, Inappropriate Stuff

 Christian principles for job hassles, sticky situations, inappropriate comments. Walk in Bible truth and peace. 

1.  Is God’s primary concern  stretching and changing you  or organizational  improvements?  

2.   There can be a difference between doing right and trying to prevent others from doing wrong.  Godly Joseph and Daniel served God is very secular, work environments. (Dan 6.1-5).  Sinners often act like sinners. You will not find a perfect employer. The world is to be evangelized.  It will never be Christianized. (2 Tim 3.1-7; Rev 16.9; 19.19). To use Vance Havner’s words, “when you are fighting alligators it is not the time to drain the swamp.” Pick your battles.

3.  In 2 Kings 1, 102 soldiers died needlessly because they worked under a hard hearted king that did not acknowledge God. No boss is perfect but some are to be avoided. Their fight with God can spill over on you. They can pin their sins on you. “Lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas.” – Ben Franklin. Have peace about where God wants you.

4. Daniel let his big bosses, the king and God, deal with his enemies. (Dan 6.24).

5.  Daniel’s evil  peers did not like him though they recognized his godly character. (Dan 6). Do not spin your wheels, wasting time trying to get flesh to love Spirit. They are forever enemies (Gal 5.17).  Wise sheep do not try to fit in with wolves.

6. Jesus loved man but did not trust him. (Jn 2.24-25). Do not be naive. Do not assume that unsaved people have the same moral standards as  Christians,  though some do. Do not assume that others will treat you, your reputation, property or work projects with the same respect you show theirs. Consider keeping  multiple, dispersed or off-site copies of time-consuming projects and vital documents as the Spirit leads you.

7.  God allows  suffering. It obviously has a purpose. (1 Ptr 1.6-7; 5.10). At best Christians will suffer in a fallen world. The world is not fair, we know. Cling to Jesus. “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4.19).

8. You cannot reason or out talk lust. Run. Flee. like Joseph did (Gen 39.9-16). That is the best defense against the temptation of lust.

Two things can harm a Christian’s testimony: sin and the appearance of sin. A president’s wife once told Billy Graham that she would like to talk with him. He replied, “I don’t have private conversations with attractive ladies.” They arranged to meet publicly at a restaurant. Jesus likewise met publicly with the woman at the well (Jn 4) not in a house or behind the barn.

9. “Section 7: Business Particulars for Women: TRY TO BE IMPERSONAL…..The woman who is efficient and easy to work with is neither coyly and insistently feminine, or does she aggressively try to be “one of the boys.” She is a pleasant and poised worker, she tries to keep her personal problems and emotional reactions out of her work, and she neither uses her femininity as a weapon, on the other hand, nor denies it, on the other.” – ON THE BEST WORKING BEHAVIOR, from Frances Benton, 1956 (p. 377).

10.  In Genesis 12 Abraham told his wife Sarah to lie for him. She did but he ultimately paid the consequences. David asked Joab to take a census of the people, against God’s wishes. Joab and others did so but  later this sin was put to David’s account. (2 Sam 24). If asked to doing something questionable at work, pray first, offer an alternative. At least try to get the order in writing. “Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.” (Matt 10.16).

11. Love is the most powerful force in the world.  (1 Cor 13). Returning love for hate can win some sharing, witnessing, ministry opportunities when enemies get in the ditch. Try to maintain relationships. Be friendly.

12.  Esther served in a very secular situation in Persia. The name of God is not mentioned in the book of Esther. Yet the Divine Providence of God is a key theme of the book! God often works behind the scenes. Because God is silent does not mean He is indifferent.

13.  The blessing of God remained with Joseph from  Potiphar’s house to the Egyptian prison to the heathen  Pharoah’s palace. In each worldly circumstance God continued to bless Joseph.  The key was not where Joseph was but  God’s long range plan for him. (Gen 50.20).

14. God’s enemies were permitted to stone and kill Stephen. (Act 7). Stephen received a different type of blessing – immediate heavenly reward.  After all, we are soldiers in a war. Life is not about us but playing our role in carrying out God’s  plan from eternity past.

15. God did not deliver Daniel from the lion’s den but made  provision for him IN the lion’s den. (Dan 6).

16. Don’t speak or make rash actions. Eve made a quick, knee-jerk decision with the serpent rather than saying, “Let me pray and think about this big decision, snake. I’ll  sleep on it and talk to my husband and counselor (God) first.” What is the hurry? (Psa 27.14; Matt 6.33).

17. The Christian does not fight for victory but FROM victory. Jesus has won! Praise God. Glory to His Name!  We arrive as victors – confident in the final outcome of God’s plan. Keep your eyes on Jesus not the problem. “Jesus, today I give this issue over to You. I trust You to work it out in your wisdom, your timing, your power. Thank You.”

18. As salt and light the believer can ask God for outreach opportunities: start a lunch time Bible study on some issue of interest to others, prayer meeting, be known as the go to person for bargain shopping, BBQ, receipes, comfort, counsel or joy.

19. I agree with Erwin Lutzer that the better way to approach one spewing foul language  (or  other sin) is privately. Explain that it offends God and hurts you. Some will listen. Also I repeatedly have replied to YouTube cursing with: “We are created in the image of a pure, holy God. Our mouths do not have to be toilet bowls.” One replied to me, “I will try to do better.” I affirmed him in that.

20. Soak yourself in key Bible books, key chapters and verses that deal with relationship issues, trials: 1 Ptr; Prov; Eph chpt 4-6; Rom 12.14 through 13.14; 1 Cor 13.

21. Inappropriate Comments, Sexual Advances: Turn lemons into lemonade. Obviously the person needs Jesus. Witnessing,  quoting an appropriate Bible verse (Matt 6.33; Heb 13.4; 1 Jn 3.8). Even walking away from the “perp,” bursting out with a Christian song, can plant a seed – make a powerful statement. If one is bold enough to advertise for the Devil surely I can be bold enough to  speak up for Jesus and godliness!

However do not stick around if even 1 percent temptation is present in your heart!! Flee as Joseph did. See above.

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