Was Jesus a pacifist? For eliminating Second Amendment?

I suspect that  much of today’s  gun control (and pacifism) rationale stems from  a dubious view of man’s nature. The Bible endlessly portrays man as evil (Jer 17.9). Yet some  reject this. They view man as basically good. And if man is good then he should be trusted.  Therefore it would follow that guns are not needed in such a safe, peaceful environment. But if true, gun control advocates should be consistent and not lock their doors or use computer passwords.  Social humanism should have made good on its claims centuries ago! Escapists see earth as a  utopian paradise, Walter Mitty land, Camelot. But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Reality can be so inconvenient.

As Jesus is departing He tells His disciples to buy and carry a sword (Luke 22.36). Jesus was not naïve. Self defense  is needed in a sinful world. Very evil men would later be allowed to kill Him. Earth is not heaven.  “let the one who is filthy, still be filthy” (Rev 22.11 NAS). In the  end days, battle of Armageddon,  the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ, returns to defeat the very real enemies of goodness, waging war “in righteousness.” (Rev.19.11-21). Jesus was not a pacifist nor opposed to self defense weapons. I’m thankful for the Second Amendment, protecting us since  December 15, 1791.


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Is God more interested in drawing one into a deep relationship with Him or merely throwing out Q&A answers to satisfy intellectual curiosity?

Without suffering and a crisis in their lives some dear people would never think deeply about spiritual issues. People tend to ask more ‘why’ questions when their world is rocked, when their comfort zone is  shaken or even removed.

“God whispers through pleasure and shouts through pain” -C.S. Lewis.

Jesus doesn’t come for a  visit, He wants to move in. – unknown. Is it disrespectful to treat Him as merely a vending machine— stick in a question and out pops an answer? Certainly He often answers questions to those who are seriously seeking. But is He wanting to entertain or appease the ho-hum, casual passerby who is not interested in salvation or spiritual growth? Some collect facts about God. A few want to obey—serve God—repent—follow Jesus. God may do whatever it takes, answers or silence, to get one’s attention.

I am not suggesting that does not ever answer questions of the casual passerby. He can also delay or withhold answers to prompt serious followers to dig deeper . .  seek Jesus more fully – (Jn 15.4-5).

True God seekers should probably be reading the Gospel of John! Hungry people are found where the food is. Ergo, the hunger for God, the attitude one approaches God with, may determine if and when he receives an answer to some ‘why’ question. And the answer may well have to do with trusting God without receiving a blueprint of your life plan.

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29.13

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33.3

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Reflecting on Hallmark movies

Taste in movies varies widely, even among Christians. As a repeat viewer of many Hallmark films I offer my evaluation of them  as a whole. Exceptions exist! Generally what do I see as their pluses and minuses?


  • little titillation
  • no cursing, violence or nudity
  • upbeat, feel good mood
  • happy endings


  • missing opportunities to impart  timeless, healthy, moral values like: honesty and purity,
  • cohabiting, fornication is treated as normal, healthy, with no moral or spiritual consequences
  • lacks balanced perspective where pros and cons of immoral behavior are both discussed
  • excessive alcohol use
  • lying and deceiving by adults and children is viewed as normal
  • religious trappings usually Catholic, discriminates against some (not all) conservative family perspectives
  • story lines usually evolve around liberal, social agenda: animal shelters not baby-saving, crisis pregnancy centers . . . concerts, school plays not church bus ministry to trailer park kids . . . . marriage decisions based  on feelings-‘love’ not factoring in other vital factors like compatible core values . . . .
  • missed opportunities to weave in solid successful dating and marriage principles
  • repetitious, predictable story  lines
  • Christmas  films: lots of Santa, little of Jesus Christ . .  and it is HIS birthday


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Why doesn’t God keep Christians from committing suicide? He is supposed to supply all a Christian’s needs? (Phil 4.19)

Why doesn’t God keep every believer from committing every sin, every bad choice?  Answer: Free will. Freedom of choice is a very serious responsibility. God  chose to give us free will—not make us robots with no option to sin.

Suicide can be a stark reminder to the rest of us that even believers can walk so far from God that they make very bad decisions. Beware.

When our faith is scraping bottom that is not the time to be making big decisions! When feelings are riding high like the waves of the sea, bad choices can flood the mind.

A believer finally arrives at the end zone of suicide only after a lengthy journey. It did not happen overnight. Failure in the Christian is always a slow leak, never a blow out. It may be the consequences of:  wrong friends, drugs, away from God’s powerful teaching, daily Bible reading and talking things over with God.

“So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God” (Roman 10.17). The Word will keep us from sin or sin will keep us from the Word.

The Bible tells us that “there is a sin unto death.” (1 Jn 5.16).  We can get so far from God that death can occur by our own hand or others. This is a fallen, sinful world. Our mind, our emotions are affected. Full release will not occur until we get our glorified bodies. This world is not heaven!

God offers the believer adequate grace and resources (1 Cor 10.13) but sadly a few free wills refuse them to their detriment. . . . .  man’s choice. Let us learn from their mistakes.

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6 Types of Atheists:

(1) hurt, embittered, blames God for injustice; (2)  libertine protecting sexual  pleasures, immorality; (3)  campus career caged—job, salary, reputation are at great risk if one bucks the atheist party line–scary;  (4) non-thinking, apathetic secularist away from God–atheist by default; (5)  scoffer or champion debater–coming to Jesus would spoil his fun; (6)   genuinely wants truth!–open to reading books from Christian scholars and the Bible  –after I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

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To stop the Christian faith forever, all Jesus’ enemies had to do was produce His dead body. Why didn’t they? – Ravi Zacharias

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Why I Don’t Pray Through The Virgin Mary


  1. Many Bible commands to praise and glorify the Lord. None to praise or glorify Mary. The early Church in Acts or other NT churches did not worship Mary.
  2. Mary did not die for my sins, Jesus Christ deserves ALL the honor, glory and thanks for doing this for me!
  3. Many OT predictions about Jesus the Christ Coming.  Only one OT prophecy to my knowledge refers to Mary. The “virgin,” is prophesied  in Isaiah 7.14, but Immanuel is  the primary focus in my view.
  4. NT books endlessly focus on Jesus, the Son of God. Mary is not mentioned over 1-2 times after Jesus’ resurrection event. She just “disappears” after her wonderful mother task has been completed.
  5. Nowhere in the Bible is she referred to as the “mother of God’ or “Queen of heaven.”
  6. Mary desired a Savior. She evidently saw herself as a sinner as I am. From the Magnificat:  ” and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior” (Luke 1.47).
  7. Mary magnified the Lord. (Luke 1.46). No one in the Bible  prays through or worships  Mary.
  8. Nowhere in the Bible is Mary referred to God, member of the God head, Co-creator as Jesus is, co-redeemer, deity, eternal, avenue of prayer, means of grace or connected to salvation.
  9. Mary is not God or deity. To worship human beings is idolatry.
  10. Mary was just one of many virgins in her day. That’s wonderful but not cause to worship her or any other human being.
  11. Holy Scripture nowhere commands readers to pray through or to, Mary. Nowhere is there a biblical example of this.
  12. Any man made traditions  or opinions which undermine the centrality of Jesus Christ’s Person and work are not biblical doctrine.
  13. Mary was a godly girl who was greatly favored by God–used to bear the incarnate Son of God—a unique, incredible honor in a likely tough, stressful situation as not all understood how she got pregnant.
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Got a Prodigal child? In dangerous situations?

Moses’ mother had a child in great danger. She opted to put baby Moses in a basket, in a river with crocodiles and perhaps dangerous snakes. She did all she could. Now she had to trust God to take care of Moses. God did. (Exodus 2!)

Parents today may have a child walking in dangerous waters? Prodigal? After the youngster is on is own, we just have to trust God.  Maintain the relationship at least. Not enable their sin. Parents prayers are powerful. -after S. Robertson

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Atheistic evolutionists have opinions but no supportable basis for judging good and evil. Atheist Richard Dawkins sums up their position; “we are just dancing with our DNA.” If we are just purposeless molecules bouncing around we are just accidents of chance. Such robots can not make value judgments as rocks and dirt cannot. Oceans roar but cannot identify right and wrong. Atheists’ moral judgments move beyond matter to the metaphysical realm. They are inconsistent, blinded. – Stealing From God, Frank Turek, (1 Cor 2.14; Rom 1.18-20)

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Does atheistic evolution work in the real world? Reason #1: Big Bang Theory

This Big Bang theory of creation as reported on a TV science program goes like this. In this theorized ‘beginning’ all matter was compressed into a tiny cube perhaps an inch square. Under tremendous pressure this matter exploded and filled the universe. Bang.

Problem #1: This theory begins with matter already in existence.  Where did this matter come from? Nothing is created by this Big Bang theory. It just shifts matter from one location to another. Something or some one had to exist before matter in order to create it. Matter cannot be both cause and effect, both Chevy and GM. Chevys do not create themselves. Nor can matter create itself from nothing.

Problem #2: By limiting the universe to time, space and matter, atheistic evolution admittedly,  has no viable way to explain creation. Atheists have expressed hope (faith?) that an explanation will be found at some time in the future.

  (Romans 1.18-20)

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